Garmin Nuvi 250W Accessories Product List

See Below for Cellink's range of Accessories to suit the Garmin Nuvi 250W

MagMate Magnetic Bracket Windscreen Mount

Order Code : APMWSHLD

MagMate Magnetic Bracket Cup Holder Mount

Order Code : APMCUPMT

MagMate Armrest Mount Magnetic Device Bracket

Order Code : APMHREST

MagMate Small Arm Magnetic Adhesive Mount

Order Code : APMMDASH

MagMate Magnetic Adhesive Mount

Order Code : APMUNI

MagMate Magnetic Vent Mount

Order Code : APMVENT

MagMate Magnetic Telescopic Dash Mount

Order Code : APMTDASH

SUITS MANY MODELS USB Cable to mobile phone for data transfer, backup, and internet access, etc.May require software...

Order Code : CL1019

Universal Cradle windscreen mount(Max 150 - Min 70mm) GPS TYPE HEAD 90mm Suction cup grip. Secures to windshield. Arm...

Order Code : CRA54
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