Quickly adapt and split signals between genders of 3 pin XLR connections. 20cm length.

Order Code : P0764

3 pin XLR female to dual 3 pin XLR male plugs. Ideal for feeding one signal into two amplifiers. 20cm length.

Order Code : P0761

HDMI A Male to Male, retractable 1.8M long. Supports 1920x1080 full HD resolution. Retractable HDMI male to HDMI male...

Order Code : CL54018

HDMI 2.1 LEADS CERTIFIED BY HDMI.ORG The Prolink premium certified HDMI cable is a HDMI version 2.1 cable designed to...

Starts From: $16.95

XLR-3F to 6.35mm Mono Jack (3ft - 0.9m)

Order Code : ATC7031

Premade leads for a secure reliable high-power amplifier to speaker connection.

Starts From: $28.10
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