Reproduced from Silicone-Chip for project inspiration and your interest only. We do not have the cabinets available for resale. Using available SB Acoustics Satori Drivers.

See Silicone Chip Magazine Nov 2022

This hifi system takes a 'no compromise' approach to build a truly superlative sound system that will be at home in a modern living room. We are utilising high-end components that are readily available while avoiding falling into the abyss of overly expensive, gold-plated parts. The parts used are not cheap but this system will still be within reach for many people.

  • Because these are active speakers, they need an amplification solution that integrates an electronic crossover. The electronics are housed in an attractive two rack unit (2RU) black rack-mount case, including all the amplification, signal conditioning and power supply circuitry. The SC article will also present a very high-quality Active Subwoofer to round out the system. It is ideal to combine with the speakers presented here, giving a full-range sound system. However, nothing locks the subwoofer into this with these particular speakers; it would be a fine addition to almost any sound system. While you could build these speakers without the sub, I reckon almost anyone going to the trouble of building these will want to extend the bass all the way down to 20Hz. So basically, all these comp

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    MW16P-8 - 6.5" SATORI M/WFR 8 OHM


    Order Code: MW16P-8
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code MW16P-8
    Description 6.5" Satori mid-woofer Black 8Ω
    Manufacturer Satori



    Order Code: TW29R-B
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code TW29R-B
    Description Satori Tweeter Ring Dome Black
    Manufacturer Satori

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    MW16P-8 - Product Downloads

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    Datasheet MW16P-8.pdf 543 KB
    SB Acousti SB-Acoustics-Catalogue.pdf 26130 KB
    TW29R-B - Product Downloads

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    Datasheet TW29R-B.pdf 532 KB
    SB Acousti SB-Acoustics-Catalogue.pdf 26130 KB

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