VGA to DVI-I Scaler Box YUV/RGBHV ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL DVI Converts PC RGBHV UXGA or Component YUV Video into Digital...

Order Code : CP261D

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CP-1261D View Substitute Product

HDMI Digital scaler with ultra high bandwidth HDMI/VGA/RGB/YUV TO WUXGA/1080p 50/60Hz Professional grade up-scaler with...

Order Code : CP-255H

VGA to DVI-I scaler box - H/V Trim CP-252 is a high performance PC/HDTV two-way scaler that accepts analog RGB input...

Order Code : CP-252

DVI to VGA Scaler Box CP-253 is a high performance PC/HDTV two-way scaler which accepts Digital DVI-D input and...

Order Code : CP-253

Sync Separator SCART-RGB TO HD15 RGB-HV Not a scaler or format converter Electronically separates the Horizontal and...

Order Code : CSR-2200

SCART RGB to XGA Converter SCART-RGB or COMPOSITE IN TO HD15 XGA(1024x768) High quality multi-input/output video...

Order Code : CM-345S

Video to SVGA & XGA HI-RES UP-SCALER TV-IN/XGA-OUT A low cost Video-to-XGA converter for LCD/PC monitor. Unlike similar...

Order Code : CM340

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PC to Video Converter S-VIDEO & COMPOSITE OUT Turn Your PC masterwork into Crisp Video Image. Enjoy PC games, PC movies...

Order Code : CPT-350

YUV RGB S-Video Composite TO YUV & RGB VIA HD15 VGA Upgrades your composite and S-Video to high definition PC/HDTV...

Order Code : CM390

1080i or 1280x1024px max. YUV RGB S-Video Composite TO YUV & RGB VIA HD15 VGA WIDE-BANDWIDTH High performance video...

Order Code : CM-347

PC/HDTV to Video Scan Converter PC/HDTV TO S-VIDEO/YUV High performance Video Scan Converter. Designed to convert PC...

Order Code : CHD-380

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

CPT-385AM View Substitute Product

Video Scaler Pro with RS-232 UPSCALER WITH PROFESSIONAL DE-INTERLACER Professional Video Scaler/Deinterlacer Supports...

Order Code : CSC-200

1600x1200px Up-Scaler NO-FUSS POCKET SIZED Connect any Composite Video or S-Video source and display it directly on a...

Order Code : CM-398

Video Wall Control Box LCD MULTI-SCREEN VIDEO WALL CONTROL SYSTEM Need to capture the public’s attention! Why not get a...

Order Code : CVW-11HS

With Analogue Tuner AV TO XGA WITH PC AND AUDIO BYPASS - WITH ANALOGUE TUNER CM-331 converts automatically any video...

Order Code : CM-331T

Product No Longer Available.
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1080i or 1280x1024px max. VIDEO TO PC/HD SCALER BOX Convert Composite Video, S-Video ,YCbCr, and RGsB signals to a...

Order Code : CM-347

Component/RGB to 1280x768px COMPONENT/RGBHV, RGB H+V or RGsB TO PC CONVERTER Converts CGA (RGB) or Component (YCbCr)...

Order Code : CM397M

1600x1200px Up-Scaler COMPOSITE & S-VIDEO TO D-SUB UP-SCALE A low cost video to PC converter that converts Composite or...

Order Code : CM-398
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