Order Code : VPR185

Used in computers, etc. TL5134, TL5135, etc.

Starts From: $22.50

Memory backup battery suitable for PLC/CNC. Replaces TI 405, 435, MC-BATT, Koyo DL405.

Order Code : TL4986

TADIRAN 3.6V 2400mAh 18x16x62mm

Order Code : TL5242W

LASTS UP TO 5 TIMES LONGER THAN ALKALINE! AND Weighs 30% less! Long 10 year shelf life Blister pack Energizer

Starts From: $17.00

“Heavy Duty” Metal Casing Order One to Receive a blister card pack of two.

Order Code : R14DP

Carbon-zinc type 0% MERCURY 0% CADMIUM Packaged in a Blister pack.

Order Code : 6F22

LASTS UP TO 5 TIMES LONGER THAN ALKALINE! And Weighs 30% less!10 year shelf lifeBlister Packaged in pairs

Order Code : L92-BP2

SUIT SMOKE ALARMS, etc. Premium metal cased Lithium.Shelf Life of over ten years !

Order Code : U9VL

MICROPHONES, etc. Plastic case version of U9VL Slightly smaller so as to fit.

Order Code : U9VL-FP

REPLACEMENT ALKALINE LR9 1.5V Alkaline Battery Substitutes for an older 1.35V Mercury cell of similar size. Replaces...

Starts From: $2.95

Panasonic OR Sanyo FR6, LB-01/E, 1CP3152, etc.

Order Code : CRV3


Order Code : S400PX

Sold in singles SEE BUTTON CELL PAGEMany more styles and shapes 1.5V Card qty is 5pcs.

Starts From: $3.20

Order Code : CR2
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