Project by Silicone-Chip. This is not a kit. The cabinet is not available ready made. Design and construction plans are made available from Silicone-Chip. For more information, see:

Silicone-Chip January 2023

  • The Active Subwoofer uses an SB Acoustics SB34SWNRX-S75-6, a 346mm (12-inch) driver plus a built-in 200W class-AB amplifier module that can deliver up to 180W of continuous output power in this application. It is designed to match the Active Crossover Amplifier and Active Monitor Speakers, described over the last two issues. However, it is a very high-quality sub that you could use in any application. It will provide high power, extremely low distortion bass for the lower octaves. Subwoofers are all about moving large volumes of air. The deeper you go into bass frequencies, the more of a challenge that becomes. For true high fidelity, we want a -3dB point well below 30Hz and to achieve solid output to 20Hz. Unfortunately, we also need to consider practicalities like the physical volume req

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    Order Code: SPIKE35
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    Order Code SPIKE35
    Description Feet Spike 35mm Single

    SB34SWNRX-S75-6 - 12" SUBWOOFER 75MM VC


    Order Code: SB34SWNRX-S75-6
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code SB34SWNRX-S75-6
    Description SB Acoustics 12" Sub Woofer Aluminium Frame NRX Series

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    SB34SWNRX-S75-6 - Product Downloads

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    Datasheet SB34SWNRX-S75-6.pdf 757 KB
    SB Acousti SB-Acoustics-Catalogue.pdf 26130 KB
    Subwoofer SB34SWNRX-S75-6_SiliconeChip-Jan2023.pdf 416 KB

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